Reinventing Digital Privacy

Software with built in privacy and anonymity for everyday users

Venux Stealth Technology

Enjoy the freedom of having privacy and anonymity while using any of our products. Keep your activities safe from unwanted eyes.

H.I.P.S.TM (Hidden in Plain Sight) helps pin point your profile location within the Venux network and protect your data at the same time. Data encrypted with Venux, whether stored locally or on remote services, remains completely secure giving you a piece of mind if your favorite remote service is ever compromised.
AVPN (Anonymous Virtual Private Network), based on H.I.P.S.TM principle, is a peer-to-peer system designed to synchronize encrypted files across the network without the use of servers. Connected peers re-route information to other peers, keeping your identity completely anonymous.

Maximum Protection

Get maximum protection from unwanted surveillance right out of the box. Without any configuration on your end. Get the Pay-as-you-go Encryption Add-on.


  • We do not store passwords or usernames
  • We do not use databases
  • We do not use servers
  • We can’t view, retrieve, or share your data


  • Mathematically impossible to break
  • Over 20 algorithm combinations for encrypting data
  • AES 128
  • AES 192
  • AES 256
  • Blowfish
  • CAST 128
  • Camellia 128
  • Camellia 192
  • Camellia 256
  • Camellia
  • DES
  • RC2
  • Rabbit
  • SEED
  • Serpent 128
  • Serpent 192
  • Serpent 256
  • Serpent
  • Triple DES
  • Twofish 128
  • Twofish 192
  • Twofish 256
  • Twofish
  • RC4

Pure Simplicity

No need to make things complicated. Let us do the hard work for you to have a better computing experience.

UID (Universal ID)

  • One login for all Venux programs

Data Access

  • Access data on any computer
  • Access your favorite cloud services

User Interface

  • User friendly
  • Easy to navigate


  • Expand functionality with Add-ons

Build Connections

Build connections with your Venux contacts by adding their unique PIN. Share your favorite photos, videos, bookmarks, links, and much more. Watch videos together from different locations and chat about it in real-time. Do it all in a secure environment. Available in all Venux products.


  • Files
  • Screen
  • Links


  • Watch videos together
  • Listen to music together


  • Video call
  • Audio call
  • Chat

Remote Services

Easily connect to your favorite cloud services with a single sign on to any Venux program. All services have the option to automatically encrypt uploaded files based on location preferences. Get the Remote Services Add-on.

The current supported protocols are Amazon, Azure,, DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, SkyDrive, Yandex, EDI, FTP, SFTP, SSH, and WebDAV. More services will be available in the future.

Remote Data Access

When you login to a Venux program, a location point is created enabling you to access documents from different locations. Use the program lock feature to prevent unauthorized access to your Venux account. This is a perfect solution when you need to access a file from a workstation at home or show your family photos from your trip located on your personal computer.



Locations are points where your account is connected to. This could be a cloud service, a computer, or a protocal such as FTP. Each location can be setup to use a specific mode to control how your digital data is handled.

Location Modes


  • Automatically encrypts files
  • Scrambles filenames and metadata
  • Selectively decrypt data
Ideal for personal files stored on your computer and cloud services.

Private Shared

  • Automatically encrypts files
  • Leaves original filenames to prevent duplicates
  • Selectively decrypt data
Ideal for large shared drives and cloud services.


  • Selectively encrypt files
Ideal for protocols such as FTP.

Search Anything

All Venux programs are equipped with a universal search engine where you can search anything from all of your location points. Searches can also look inside document contents and metadata so you could find all files with a specific word or timestamp.

  • Audio
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Extension
  • File contents
  • Filename
  • History
  • Images
  • Videos