About Venux

Venux is a cybernetics P2P software development company that aims to simplify the experience of computer and mobile device users. Our goal is to help you manage and secure your personal data. We want you to be able to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers in a private environment. Venux takes a new approach to digital privacy using the H.I.P.S.TM principle to keep your data fully secure from unwanted surveillance. We love to innovate and use the latest standards in technology.

Our Vision

Modern computing went through multiple phases over the past 50 years, each of which advanced computing and accompanying mathematical and programming solutions that couldn't been foreseen by early pioneers. New functionality was added constantly and system engineers had to implement them quickly and reliably (at the moment of implementation). As time went on, there was an apparent need for standards that implementers could rely on in order for systems to be more interoperable and actually functioning.

Yet, the market didn't want to wait for standards to mature forcing technology producing companies to propose solutions that work. Looking at the pan-cake, modern system design vs. open standards developed over substantial period of time, it became very clear that functionality required today can be done using standards at a fraction of cost of processing speed, memory used, interoperability/cross-platform ability and simplicity preserved and all the other benefits.

This is what Venux is all about. Venux is "simplicity" oriented Operating Platform designed to meet demands for 21st century computing. The system is designed to be simple, secure, standards compliant, cross platform as well as platform independent.