Will You Have a Job in the Future?

jobs and robots

Advances in technology are rapidly increasing. Gadgets are becoming smaller, thinner, more powerful, and smarter. As new gadgets are invented that increase productivity and automation, the need for manual labor greatly decreases.

Based on the thorough report, The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs to Computerisation? and NPR's online tool, Will Your Job Be Done By A Machine?, let's take a closer look at whether or not you will have a job in the future.

Which Job Markets Will Survive?

A percentage that a job market will be automated can be achieved by taking the average automation percentage of jobs in the associated market.

chart of percentage job markets will be automated

Office and Administrative Support jobs will most likely disappear while Community and Social Services, and Management jobs will remain.

Office and Administrative Support (90.8%)
JobChance of Automation
Tellers 98.3%
Procurement Clerks 98.0%
Legal Secretaries 97.6%
Bookkeepers 97.6%
Postal Service Clerks 95.4%
Bill and Account Collectors 94.7%
Correspondence Clerks 86.5%
Medical Secretaries 81.5%
Mail Carriers 67.5%
Community and Social Services (0.8%)
JobChance of Automation
Marriage and Family Therapists 1.4%
Clergy 0.8%
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers 0.3%
Management (2.8%)
JobChance of Automation
Construction Managers 7.1%
Financial Managers 6.9%
Computer and Information Systems Managers 3.5%
Natural Sciences Managers 1.8%
Chief Executives 1.5%
Medical and Health Services Managers 0.7%
Social and Community Service Managers 0.7%
Education Administrators 0.5%

What Jobs Will Be Replaced by Computers?

Jobs that can be completely automated with repeatable tasks will most likely disappear. Telemarketers and Tax Preparers come at the top of being gone forever in the near future.

top 20 jobs to disappear

What Jobs Will Not Disappear?

Certain jobs require human interaction, creativity, and clever solutions to problems. These jobs will unlikely be automated. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers and Occupational Therapists are on the top of most likely remaining with a 99.7% chance of survival.

bottom 20 jobs to remain

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