Get answers to frequently asked questions.

Why use Venux? How is Venux different?

Unlike other systems, Venux does not store your username and password. Since we don't use databases, we don't keep an index of users or hashed passwords. Our server-less AVPN re-routes information to other peers keeping your identity completely anonymous.

What is UID

UID (Universal ID) is a file that acts as your personal wallet no one can see or steal, since your credentials are only stored in your mind. It synchronizes your settings and preferences for all Venux programs with a single set of credentials.

How does Venux encryption work?

Venux heavily relies on mathermatics. Each username and password is combined and mixed up. Based on the output, combinations of over 20 of the most powerful encryption algorithms are applied which are then transcoded into your Universal ID.

How can I add new Venux contacts?

To add a contact, ask the person to provide their unique 8 digit PIN located on the bottom left corner. Next, click the Add Contact button ( ) and enter the pin.

What will happen if I forget my username or password?

You will not have access to your account until you remember your credentials. Venux does not store usernames or passwords and will not be able to retrieve them for you. Venux will NEVER contact you asking for your username and password.

What data does Venux software collect?

Our software collects information such as software version, screen resolution and operating system version. This is done for statistical purposes to improve our software and enhance your user experience. Personal information, settings, or any other information that is not directly related to the function of software is NEVER collected by Venux. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for more information.

What if my question hasn't been answered?

You can contact us with additional questions through our website or software.