Pay-as-you-go Encryption*

Encryption plans allow you to encrypt and share data securely from any of your locations with a single click. Encryption features a combination of over 20 different algorithms keeping your data completely safe from hackers. All encryption plans are non-expiring and decryption is always free. Enjoy having the control of buying more when you need more.

The size of the encrypted data is deducted from the amount of encryption you have left. For example, if you encrypt a 1GB file with a 10GB encryption plan, you will be left with 9GB of encryption.

*This Add-on can be purchased through any Venux program.

Download Products
    • 2GB
    • FREE
    • Perfect for test driving encryption/sharing.
    • Encrypt up to 2,000 photos1.
    • Encrypt up to 2 HD videos2
    • 10GB
    • 19.99
    • Great for encrypting/sharing documents and photos.
    • Encrypt up to 10,000 photos1
    • Encrypt up to 10 HD videos2
    • 30GB
    • 39.99
    • Great for encrypting/sharing photos, and videos.
    • Encrypt up to 30,000 photos1
    • Encrypt up to 30 HD videos2
    • 50GB
    • 59.99
    • Great for encrypting/sharing high-res photos and videos.
    • Encrypt up to 50,000 photos1
    • Encrypt up to 50 HD videos2
    • 100GB
    • 99.99
    • Great for encrypting/sharing large amounts of HD content.
    • Encrypt up to 100,000 photos1
    • Encrypt up to 100 HD videos2

1 Under the assumption that each photo is 1MB on average.

2 Under the assumption that each video is 1GB on average.