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Venux Connect

Securely communicate with your Venux contacts with video call, audio call, and chat. You can finally stop worrying about someone eavesdropping on your private conversations.


Expand program functionality with the available Add-ons.


  • File Sharing
    Easily share encrypted files with your contacts stored on any of your locations. Try it for free.
  • Screen Sharing
    Securely share your screen with your contacts during any call. Always free.
  • Video/Audio Call
    Securely call up to 30 of your contacts at the same time. Always free.
  • Chat
    Securely chat with all of your contacts. Always free.
  • Search
    Easily search through your contacts and communication history.
  • Organize
    Organize your contacts into groups and favorites.
  • Record call
    Securely record a video/audio call with the consent of all participants. Always free.
  • Video/Audio Messages
    Leave a video or voice message.
  • Security
    All communication and data transmitted through Venux is protected with our Stealth Technology keeping your activities safe from unwanted monitoring.
  • Universal ID
    A single login keeps your settings synchronized between all Venux programs. Your username and password are only stored in your mind.