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Version 1.0.31

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Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Mac OS X Mountain Lion / Mac OS X Mavericks





Venux Connect

New Features
  • [Mac] New authenticode certificate
  • [Mac] Audio and video calls under Mac OS X
  • [Win, Mac] Reworked groups management
  • [Win, Mac] New settings configurations
  • [Win, Mac] Delayed text messages delivery for offline contacts
  • [Win, Mac] Improved video calls quality
  • [Win, Mac] New groups and contacts management
  • [Win, Mac] Contacts Favorites
  • [Win, Mac] Drag and drop files into contacts for sharing
  • [Win, Mac] UID Profile is now ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability)

  • [Win, Mac] Improved popup dialog window
  • [Mac] Improved sound quality
  • [Win, Mac] Performance improvements
  • [Win, Mac] Improved file sharing
  • [Win, Mac] Improved sound quality
  • [Win, Mac] More statistical information in UID
  • [Win, Mac] Improved history
  • [Win, Mac] Massive rework of internal protocol
  • [Win, Mac] Improved lock
  • [Win, Mac] Improved file sharing
  • [Win, Mac] Remote Services management is now simpler in most protocols/clouds
  • [Win, Mac] Improved video calls quality
  • [Win, Mac] Improved synchronization mechanisms between UID profiles on different devices
  • [Win, Mac] AVPN protocol security improvements
  • [Win, Mac] Improved files and folders sharing

Bug fixes
  • [Win, Mac] UID synchronization issues resolved
  • [Win] Fixed conversion error causing crash on certain Windows 8 machines
  • [Win, Mac] Fixed process close after sharing is complete
  • [Win] Fixed bug causing application to crash on Win7 due to encoding issues
  • [Mac] Fixed issue with Uninstall/Repair features in settings
  • [Win, Mac] In some cases, avatar was frozen after call with last frame, fixed.
  • [Win, Mac] Taking an avatar from camera did not turn off web cam if operation terminated
  • [Win, Mac] Fixed maximize and minimize functions
  • [Win, Mac] Fixed avatars caching leading to better performance
  • [Win, Mac] Reworked mechanism related to adding new contacts
  • [Win, Mac] Fixed issued related to stability of UID
  • [Win, Mac] Fixed logout bug causing crash in some cases
  • [Win, Mac] Fixed issues related to proper application logout
  • [Win, Mac] Fixed bug caused application crash during closing while video calling
  • [Win, Mac] Fixed issues related to proper application logout
  • [Win, Mac] Fixed synchronization mechanism causing duplicate contacts in certain conditions

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