Securely manage your digital life

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Easily manage your digital life by connecting to your favorite services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and FTP. Do it all securely inside a single program.


Expand program functionality with the available Add-ons.


    Access your favorite cloud services and computers signed in to your Venux account.
    File Sharing
    Easily share encrypted files with your contacts stored on any of your locations. Try it for free.
    Easily view, move, copy, delete, encrypt, and decrypt your data throughout all of your locations.
    Easily encrypt your data throughout your locations with a single click. Featuring a combination of over 20 different algorithms keeping your data completely secure.
    Automatic Categorization
    Data is automatically categorized by type such as document, audio, video, images, and archives throughout your locations.
  • Search
    Search your data throughout all of your computers running Venux and cloud based locations.
    Data transmitted through Venux is protected with our Stealth Technology keeping your data fully secure from hackers, unwanted surveillance, and Venux employees.
    Universal ID
    A single login keeps your settings synchronized between all Venux programs. Your username and password are only stored in your mind.